Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reading Room for a shade respite on a hot summer's day

One of the ways we can mitigate poverty is to rethink banking.  Advocates for public communal banking assembled in Philadelphia some weeks ago to plan for and promote a more sustainable financing system for states, modeled on the bank of North Dakota and the one time public bank of Canada (1938-1974).

Also, a 12 year old Canadian girl explains public banking far more clearly and concisely than I can.

The following article looks at "dead zones" in the U.S. - areas where previous productive based industry has left and all that remains are industries based around military bases, low salaried service industries, private prison industry, and tourism - and how those that are beginning to pull out of an economic slump do so.   It is interesting to note the complexity and diversity of economic development that is necessary to create a truly sustainable local economy as opposed to the easy and obvious approaches that most people consider but create many low salaried jobs and not much else.

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