Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunday, Sept. 9-National Grandparent's Day

The Colorado Center on Law and Policy released the Elder Economic Security Standard Index in July 2011. Highlighted in the report are the costs for "aging in community" (which 90%) of elders want and the costs for aging in nursing institutions.

"The need for home and community-based long-term care can double or even triple an elder’s expenses. Adding a low level of care for one person adds $7,920 per year to living costs. Requiring a medium level of care adds $21,008 and needing a high level of care adds $36,144 to $43,632. As a comparison, national market surveys report an average annual rate of $72, 234 for nursing facility care (semi-private room)..." (page xi) 

This year, the folks at Generations United have created an infographic demonstrating other opportunities that come with keeping our seniors in community as vital members of family. Click here for a snapshot of the community foundation that is laid when aging is celebrated. 
We know what works and how it works. The 2012 Community Assessment of Latino Older Adults in Metro Denver also reminds us to regard our elders as community assets and significant components of family and community stabilization.
"Latino older adults have positive perceptions on aging and appreciate the wisdom that comes with age. For them, it is important to remain engaged and active, have good health, maintain independence, and have family support." (page 3)

The conversation regarding community-based long-term will continue. Do something GRAND this Sunday and look around your neighborhoods for seniors. Chat with them for five minutes about what their needs are and then let us know.


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