Monday, August 16, 2010

Some interesting articles

To keep us motivated during these late summer days, I will post a couple of articles each day for the next few days from my meanderings around the internet related to our work with the task force. Should any of you find articles of relevance, please forward the links and I will post them so that we all may read them.

I hope that you find these of interest and that they add to your perspective.

First, poverty and food affordability/accessibility amongst African refugees in metro Denver:

And, what actually happens when the government bails out a giant financial institution:


  1. How do we post items to this blog?

  2. Good question, Jim. I was actually asked to make something I said at a meeting into a post, but I have nowhere to send it.

    Jenn, good links. Thanks.

  3. Jim - I am not sure either, I am working with the task force and have been set up to post but don't know if everyone needs permission. I can get you an answer on Monday 8/23.

  4. Hi Jim and Helen--

    If you want to post a comment in response to a specific item you have up to 4000 words. We would prefer that folks do it that way. If you want to have a document uploaded or create a new item, please send to me and I will post. Our thought was to minimize the number of authors so that we could keep the topic content consistent. Thanks, Tracey.

  5. Helen--

    Apologies, we haven't uploaded the Half in Ten meeting minutes and that's where your comment would fit.