Friday, July 30, 2010

Workgroup meeting-Employment and Economic Development

The employment work group will meet this coming Tuesday, August 3rd, from 1-3 pm at the Denver Inner City Parish. (1212 Mariposa Street)
Feel free to park in the DICP parking lot if a space is available. Additional parking is available along the street next to the park. Coffee and snacks will be provided.


  1. After you park, look at that parking space. The maintenance on the average parking space is about the yearly salary for a paraeducator.

    The 1, 7, and 10 buses go by Denver Inner City Parish, and it is within walking distance of the light rail.

  2. The Employment Work Group met on August 3, 2010. In attendance were Jeff Romero, Jim Schultz, Bridget Kaminetsky, Tracey Stewart, and Carol Peeples.

    The group picked up from the discussion started at the July 10th meeting regarding one's motivation for participation in the work group.

    The final recommendations from the 2009 subcommittee were next discussed, with the goal of integrating this work into a plan for the 2010 work group.

    The group chose topics for further exploration, and those in attendance will follow through for the next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, August 17th, from 1-3 pm. The venue is to be determined.

    If you are interested in knowing more about this work group, please feel free to contact me at the number below.

    Carol Peeples
    Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition