Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EOPR Task Force Constitutional Amendments Wokgroup Minutes

Chair--Annmarie Jensen

The newly formed workgroup on the ballot initiatives 60, 61 and proposition 101 of the taskforce met to discuss what this group could do specifically related to low income persons and these three initiatives. The group decided to focus on amendment 61 because that measure is showing it is most likely to pass. The group decided that they would work on getting some written materials put together about amendment 61 and its affects on low income persons. They divided the impacts of the amendment up into several topic areas, and solicited volunteers to try and get further in formation on each one of those topic areas. Assignments are as follows. If your name is not listed here, please feel free to bring any information on any of these topics to the meeting.

Health Care – Corinne Fowler will contact CCHN and see what they may have already done
Education – Senator Guzman will discuss with Senator Hudak, and also see what CEA may already have.
Families and Children – Kenny Smith and Chaer Roberts will work on providing info on this
Housing and Libraries – Heidi Baker will contact CHFA and also the library association
Community Colleges/Universities – Annmarie Jensen will contact those folks.

Private Sector jobs--open

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